Julio Mario Santo Domingo

Julio Mario Santo Domingo

Julio Mario Santo Domingo8Julio Mario Santo Domingo was the grandfather of a dynasty, and when he passed away in 2011 he left a large amount of family behind him to mourn his passing.  A Columbian businessman, he inherited a fortune that he grew to an even larger fortune.  With a controlling share in over 100 companies, he had a finger in almost every single Columbian business there was and was considered the most important Colombian businessman in the country’s history.Julio Mario Santo Domingo8

He was born in 1923 in Panama City, Panama, to Julio Mario Santo Domingo and Beatriz Pumarejo de Vengoechea.  He was the youngest of three children, Beatriz Alicia, Cecilia and Luis Felipe. His family was well off financially, as his father was a banker who made a fortune buying companies during the Great Depression and his mother was a heiress.  In fact, Beatriz was the first cousin of Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo who was the president of Columbia.

Julio married twice and had a total of three children: Julio Mario Santo Domingo Jr., Alejandro Santo Domingo, and Andres Santo Domingo.  These children have been enormously successful, and the Santo Domingo family has risen to prominence across the globe to an extent which is comparable to families like the Rockefellers or Kennedys.

His foundation, the Fundación Mario Santo Domingo is dedicated to developing programs for the poorest members of society in Columbia.