Julio Mario Santo Domingo III

Julio Mario Santo Domingo  IIIIII 5Julio Mario Santo Domingo  IIIIII 5Not as much of a socialite as the rest of his family Julio Mario Santo Domingo the third is the child of Julio Mario Santo Domingo Jr. and Brazilian socialite Vera Rechulski.  He is the brother of Tatiana Santo Domingo who is much more in the public eye.

Julio the third graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts (History).  He is a huge fan of dance music and psychedelic techno and, like his cousin Andres Santo Domingo, has founded his own record label called Sheik n’ Beik.  He is a skilled DJ, and has performed all over the world.Julio Mario Santo Domingo  IIIIII 5

There is speculation that, as his father passed away from cancer in 2009, he may be the one to give his sister away in marriage when she marries fiance Andrea Casiraghi, the second in line to the principality’s throne in Monaco.  He grew up with his sister in Switzerland.